Let It Ride

The online game “Let It Ride” originated in casinos during 1993 and was invented by Shuffle Master Inc. The game is easy to play and because participants are not competing against one another they are able to bond during game play.

Game play is done on a table with several players sitting behind three circles outlined on the table numbered 1, 2, and $. A player begins the game by selecting three identical bets for each circle. The shuffle machine deals cards for the players in increments of three and the dealer also receives three. He discards one and the two remaining cards are used as a fourth card for each player’s hand.

The players can then look at their hand and decide if they want to let it ride or bow out of the hand. If a player chooses to abandon the hand, then they are able to take their bet back. After all of the players have had a chance to decide their options the dealer will turn over the first of the two cards laid in front of him. Players can again choose to stay in and let it ride or cancel out of the hand and save their second bet.

After players have decided their fate with the first card the dealer then moves on to the second card and this gives players a five card hand. The dealer will pay out to the winners based on whether a player played through to the second dealer card. A winning hand for players who stand with only the first dealer card win with tens or better, a royal flush or a straight flush with three cards.

When players let their hands ride through bet two, they win with tens or better, royal or straight flush with four cards, a four card flush, open ended straight with four cards and a four card high.