Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpot in the new online casino game called “Mega Moolah”, it can be found in any of the Microgaming Online Casino. This is actually a 4 different jackpots called Mega, Major, Minor and Mini. Most of all, the Mega which often a starting jackpot amount of 6 million dollars.

The game is very fun. We choose the EuroLinx casino or Ladbrokes Casino to play, at the start it will load a very nice video with the lion – the king of the jungle (The Lion King) . After we entered the video game that consists of 5 wheels (reels). The mega moolah slot has 25 lines. Of course, as with all the progressive jackpot to win the biggest jackpot one must play the maximum coins and maximum lines.

The symbols used by the Mega Moolah is generally very fun and show various animals as happy playing. From the early spins will show fawn, elephants, lions and other wild animals in the jungle. The lion in the wild game is symbol of doubling profits when playing.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

It is generally known what the word Jackpot is, for those who have not heard and do not know, Jackpot is the largest gain amount of a machine.

There are few stories in New York for several grandmothers who make up their dream life into reality (a trip to the Mecca of gambling) first entered the casino, put some dollars in a slot machine and after a few spins of the wheel won a huge amount often millions of dollars. In recent years, the mythology has been added to the huge jackpot of internet casino and dance keeps well.

Let’s clarify things a bit. The fact that every player’s dream is to win a big jackpot in online casinos. But the chance to happen, even though every day is 24 hours in a casino and has inexhaustible funds, is extremely small. Given that the performance of machines connected to a large jackpot are lower yields on small profits relative to other machines. The player must decide whether to reduce the chances of targeting a huge but almost certainly untaken benefit or will take a more prudent strategy.

Phenomenon of modern Progressive Jackpots are organized groups of players chasing the big gains. Especially in large U.S. casino groups create a common fund, and play with shifts machinery. But I have not heard such a team ever won a huge amount. On the other casinos in UK there is a group of players from their own machines and up 3-4-5 in the series set in a card or paper buttons and simple machines and monitor the load of money, for too many hours to earn big profits. Some of these players I have seen them take even sleep in the chair sitting.